Ways to know your chic or hubby would be a perfect mom or dad

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If you want to engage your boyfriend or girlfriend into marriage, these are some ways to know if she would be a perfect mom or Dad.

Girlfriend to mom / Boyfriend to dad.

Caring and compassionate
A good wife or husband exhibits both care and compassion. She is sensitive to the family’s needs, and does her best to provide a solution. She understands when her husband is frustrated, and tries to make him happy.

Her caring disposition makes sure the family does not lack in any aspect of life.Couples

2. Sensitive of the little things
A good wife is not oblivious to the little things that happen in the home.

For instance, if the husband does something considered to be small, she does not ignore it. Rather, she warms up lovingly and appreciates him. On the other hand, if the husband is sad about something in the home, she tries her best to fix it.

3. Spends quality time with her husband
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No matter how busy the good wife’s schedule is, she makes time to spend with her husband.

Some women don’t spend time with their husbands using excuses like an extremely busy schedule. A good wife understands that the quality time spent maintains the spark in the marriage.

4. Encourages her husband
One important role of a wife in a man’s life is acting as a source of encouragement and support.

In both good and bad times, one of the qualities of a good wife is to encourage and show her husband that he is loved. When men experience challenging times, they don’t see their value.

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However, a good wife reminds them of the great worth they possess.

5. Respects her husband
A successful marriage thrives on respect. If you are searching for the characteristics of a good wife, make sure she is respectful.

In addition, a good wife appreciates her husband’s effort, and the husband reciprocates with respect and love.

How to Respect Your Spouse
6. Puts her family first
If you are thinking of what to look for in a wife, know that a good wife puts her family first.

The family’s needs and wants top her priorities, and she’s not apologetic about it. A good wife goes the extra mile to ensure her home is comfortable for her husband and kids.

7. Husband’s best friend and lover
A good wife does not cheat because her husband is her one and only lover.

In addition, she could have close friends, but her husband remains her best friend. If there are any pending issues, she talks first to her husband, who doubles as her best friend.

8. A good problem-solver
In marriage, one of the qualities of a good wife to look for is her willingness and ability to tackle problems.

A good wife neither leaves all the problems to her husband to solve nor points accusing fingers at anyone. Instead, she works together with her husband to combat these problems.

9. Treasures teamwork
What makes a good wife is her ability to collaborate and participate as an active team-player. She does not leave her husband to tackle any issue alone.

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Rather, she contributes her quota, and she acknowledges her husband’s effort. A good wife knows that collaborative efforts keep the marriage intact as everything goes smoothly.

10. Doesn’t infringe on her husband’s personal space
A good wife understands that everyone needs their personal space.

When she notices her husband needs some alone time, she respects his decision. She is also clairvoyant as she knows the right time to warm up to her husband and cheer him up.

11. She is romantic
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When it comes to romance, a good wife knows how to integrate this into her marriage.

She plans surprises and does little things that catch her husband unaware. She is sensitive to her husband’s needs, and leverages this to make romantic gestures.

12. She avoids pretense
A good wife is always true to herself and her words. She isn’t a copycat.

Although she has mentors and role models, she remains authentic and her true self because that’s what matters to her husband and her marriage.

13. Communicates effectively
Being a good wife requires the input of effective communication.

When there are issues in the marriage, she tries to keep an open communication instead of being silent about them. She prevents her husband from guessing as she lays bare her mind and proffers ways to move forward.

14. Brings out the best in her husband
One of the important attributes of a good wife is her ability to ensure her husband attains his best potential.Couples

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She provides her husband with the commitment and support he needs to conquer grounds. She knows how powerful her position is in the family, and she uses it to her husband and home’s advantage.

15. She gives a listening ear
One of the traits of a good wife is her ability to give a listening ear because she knows it aids effective communication.

Hence, instead of just hearing, she listens to understand her husband. When her husband wants to discuss with her, she keeps all distractions at bay to focus on him.

16. Celebrates her husband’s achievement
One of the attributes of a good woman is she doesn’t see her husband’s achievement as a means to compete. Rather, she appreciates him and acknowledges his efforts.

If there are children, she seizes the opportunity to use her husband’s success to motivate them.

17. She is honest
A man can only trust his wife when she has proved to be honest countless times.

Lasting marriages are built on honesty and effective communication. There’s a twist to being honest; you don’t have to say anything plainly. For instance, if you don’t like his shoes, you can replace them by getting new pairs

18. Creative in bed
Generally, men love women who are good in bed and vice-versa.

In fact, for some men, it is one of the important qualities of a good wife in a relationship.


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