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This is what Ghlagatin.net believes in – Our Manifesto 

Ghlagatin.net is # 1 digital news & media site of the new generation. It embodies the era in which it has been created: dynamic, informative, controversial, and entertaining.


The basic principles for achieving this goal are given in the GHLAGATIN Manifesto below: 

1. We are an independent source of information. We exist on money from advertising, and we are not being financed or influenced by government, parties, or by private individuals.

2. Our aim is to collect information from all the available sources, systematise it and explain it in a really understandable and neutral manner. As a result, we provide high quality, reliable and affordable media products related to different spheres of people’s lives, including culture, education, technology, current affairs, and etc., for promoting knowledge, political stability and economic prosperity. 

3. All the stories at GHLAGATIN shall avoid a single-sided reflection of the situation (unless it is the author’s opinion). Our site is not liable for the author’s point of view, but, at the same time we reserve the right to publish alternative visions, as long as they are not considered to be propaganda, do not justify violence, do not lead to the sparking of enmity. 

GHLAGATIN often has to deal with challenging and controversial content, which may offend some of the audience some of the time. But alternative visions also contribute to diversity of content in the media and to fulfilling our function to encourage and promote all the spheres of life. We acknowledge that an editor should never gratuitously harm or offend and, accordingly, any content which is likely to harm or offend must have a clear editorial purpose. 

5. We always refer to the initial source of information and make a clear reference to it, whenever possible. 

6. The editorial team makes every effort to verify the data. The facts in our articles are instantly amended, so that maximum integrity, accuracy and precision are achieved. The users have an opportunity to contribute to this process as well. Why is it so important? 

For journalists/media houses:

 – To avoid errors that can damage credibility and trust 

– To gain a wider audience/readership/viewership 

– (Business) sustainability

 For the readers:

 – It fights misinformation/disinformation

 – It helps readers make informed decisions

 – It helps to curtail dangerous/violent decisions that could result from misinformation/disinformation (e.g. fake news spread about herdsmen violence, Kano rerun could incite reprisal attacks, but with proper fact-checks, violence (as a result of misinformation/disinformation) will be curtailed. 

7. We take into consideration the versatility of readers’ interests. We are open for cooperation with independent contributors. Information from readers, as well as reports from social media, is used on a regular basis. 

We will try to be as transparent with you as possible! Thanks for reading us! 


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