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‘We’re A Home To Everyone’ – Stonebwoy Urges Travelers To Always Make A Visit To Ghana On December.


The Reggae-Dancehall musician Stonebwoy has urged people from all over the world to continue exploring Ghana, particularly during the annual December in Ghana initiative.

He asserts that Ghanaians are eager to welcome diasporas and recommends that tourists investigate the other nation’s intriguing locations and extensive history.

Stonebwoy was questioned by host Ebro about how Ghanaians perceive visitors from the Diaspora during an interview that took place on the New York-based Hot 97 radio station.

The multi-award-winning performer responded by stating that Ghanaians are extremely welcoming and that tourists ought to explore the country’s fascinating locations and extensive history. He asserts that Ghanaians always enjoy welcoming visitors from other countries.

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“Hundred percent, we love it! Ghanaians are hospitable. We are welcoming people. We are everybody’s home. The situation in Ghana is ablaze. There are some countries with no landmass where there are no varieties. The foundation is really arriving, frankly. Not just the Ashanti Realm; In Ghana, the Volta, the North, the Western, and the Central Kingdoms are just a few of the other Kingdoms that should be explored as well. As a result, Ghana is a stunning location, and I always recommend it as a December getaway.

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Stonebwoy also urged diasporans to invest in the most important sectors of the country first.

In terms of ideology, there is a lot to learn, a lot to know, and a lot to bring. I’m asking the diaspora to try to put their money and knowledge in the motherland as well. You can acquire some acres on which we could conduct business with $5,000. We could make business. It is not solely dependent on Ghanaians or Africans.”

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Since the 2019 Year of Return program, Ghana has grown in popularity as a vacation destination, bringing in a significant number of tourists annually.

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