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Papa Kumasi Gets A Clap-Back From Mimi Yankson.


After being referred to as Mimi London Borga or Janet Brefo Yankson on his television show, Papa Kumasi referred to her as a nobody.

After he questioned the actress’s place in the film industry, the Kumasi-based actress has been engaging in social media banter with television personality Papa Kumasi for the past few weeks.

Mimi Yankson responded to his comment in a viral video by calling him a nobody and an upcoming artist with no influence in the film industry.

Papa Kumasi responded with a video of how he picked up Mimi, trained her, and turned her into the star she is today—this comment did not go over well with him.

She did, however, come out to refute Papa Kumasi’s assertions that she would become a star.

She stated, “He didn’t make me a star, no one has made me a star, God did,” in an interview.

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“So why do you sit there and say someone has come to take an artist you made away from you?” she continued. You can’t eat your cake and have it. You left the person you were training because you didn’t think she was worth your time. She is improved when someone picks her up.

“Why are you envious of the person’s success? Because of my talent, they tried to dump me to get rid of me, but God meant it for a good reason. After I refused to work with him, he thought I would lock myself inside and cry incessantly. I’ve put in a lot of effort to get to where I am today.

Mimi also inquired about Papa Kumasi’s rage when she served him some of his own medicine.

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Why talk about someone you don’t know anything about on your show? As a result, all I did was place him in my position. I clapped back with the same rhetoric when he asked me who I was. Then, at that point, the youthful person I was with said he was a forthcoming entertainer so I answered then I surmise that is the explanation I don’t have any idea what his identity is. So for what reason would he say he is irate when he said similar words to me? She provided an explanation. “I personally didn’t even call him an upcoming actor the young guy did.”

Janet Brefo Yankson, better known by her stage name London Borga, is a Ghanaian actress and social media content creator based in Kumasi.

The year 2019 marked the beginning of Janet’s acting career when she began producing short comedic skits for social media. As she writes and directs all of the content herself, her creative abilities have developed over time and won the hearts of many Ghanaians at home and abroad.

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Mimi the London Borga has a huge following and is slowly becoming a household name because she always tries to make her audience happy with her content. She will do anything for her fans to see the best in her.

Sweet Mimi is now the brand ambassador for numerous brands, including Vitaced and Cedem whitening soap, thanks to her millions of social media followers. Numerous young girls who want to be actresses look up to the beautiful actress as a fashion goddess and a model. She thinks that the most important thing in the entertainment industry is appearance.

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