Home General News Patrick Warburton has apparently finished his apology speech for Family Guy.

Patrick Warburton has apparently finished his apology speech for Family Guy.


“We need love and humor, acceptance,” according to Patrick Warburton, can all be derived from Family Guy. No one is attempting to cancel Family Guy. The show has been running for more than two decades, literally. Even though there have been critics, the series is firmly established in popular culture. Given that Joe Swanson’s voice actor Patrick Warburton has stated that he will not apologise for his role in one of television’s longest-running and most successful animated comedies, it’s possible that the people he talks to do not share this opinion.

In a new Fox News interview, Warburton declares, “I used to apologize for being on Family Guy, and I don’t apologize any more because this world is a horrible native satire.” Everyone takes themselves too seriously, and I believe they end up an overwhelming mess in many ways. However, we require acceptance, love, and humor in our lives. Everything is rather easy.”

In fancy terms, it appears simple to not apologize for something for which no one is currently asking you to apologize. However, it would be unfair to say that no one has ever requested an apology from the Family Guy team because the show has unquestionably pushed boundaries and randomly selected targets over the years. Warburton admitted to Digital Spy in 2019 that he has retracted some of the material. In 20 years of being on the show, there has only been one episode, and it was so offensive that I cannot repeat it now. It was about Christ’s death and resurrection, but there was no humor in it, and it was just so, so horribly offensive,” he explained.

Warburton went so far as to say that he would not participate in that particular episode if the offensive line remained in the script, acknowledging that he knew what he was signing up for with the show. They say, “This line will never make it past standards of practice,” and I think, “Well, why does it have to be there in the first place?” I play along and won’t interfere. They are aware that I work well in a team, but I suppose we all wonder if there is a line. “If you ever do this on the show, it will have diminished returns,” I said. It’s not funny, but it’s so offensive to Christians.

Warburton reiterated, “In twenty years, there has only been this one episode.” We always communicate effectively. They are all wonderful and attentive to your input. They are aware that I work well with others. They are aware of how obnoxious that was.

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