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Drake releases surveillance footage from his Sweden arrest.


Drake had a significant 2022, including being captured.

The rapper shared a gallery of images from the previous year on New Year’s Eve. Among the images was previously unseen footage of him being detained by Swedish authorities, which confirmed internet reports from the summer before.

In his caption, he shared a message to close out the year. “The funds are useful / The lyrics are truthful / The suspects are usual / The opps are delusional / The finish line is beautiful / And the disrespect is mutual / See you in 23.”

In the brief clip, Drake is seen being led toward a police car by two officers who are holding him by the arms.

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In July, it was rumored that Drake was partying at a Stockholm nightclub when he was arrested on marijuana-related charges. However, Drake’s team denied the report, asserting that he was not arrested and was in his hotel. In the midst of the speculation, the Twitter hashtag #FreeDrake began to trend.

On the track “Middle of the Ocean” from his album “Her Loss,” Drake made reference to the arrest, rapping, “Swedish jail cell, smellin’ like some Carby Musk.”

He shared a Swedish police handout titled “Information for Those Suspected of a Crime and Subsequently Detained,” which listed his rights, during a previous photo dump in July.

Champagne Papi spent some of his vacation time in the Caribbean island of St. Barts. With Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire, he performed at the UNICEF winter gala and rang in the new year on a yacht.

Drake revealed his New Year’s resolution, which included going on tour with 21 Savage, while reflecting on the previous year. He stated, “My new year’s resolution is to free up my brother 21 Savage so that we can touch road and go on tour straight up.” Because I can’t see the world without him, they need to free my brother from all the travel crap so we can see the people.

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