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Make fees fair, and you’ll earn more money, says Michael Blackson in his discussion of GRA


Michael Blackson, a born-in-Ghanaian American comedian, has returned to work for the Ghana Revenue Authority after promising to fight for people in third countries and free them from bad government regulations.

This time, the comedian who recently launched an extended tirade on Twitter regarding Ghana’s difficulty clearing customs payments is returning to offer advice to the country on how to increase profits.

The Ghana Shippers Authority was urged to take action by the comedian who lamented the high cost of importing goods into the country.

Blackson shared an individual story and discussed the incredible amounts of cash he needed to pay to get a few things he had imported from the US to Ghana.

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In a new set of tweets, Michael said that he recently talked to a representative at the Ghana Revenue Authority to find out why the fees were so high and couldn’t believe how much they add up.

He went on to say that the worst part of everything is what will happen if you don’t pay that fee. He claims that the auction price for your belongings is lower than what they wanted you to pay.

The comedian said that scams and “Kalabuley” started because people started taking shortcuts when prices were high.

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He went on to say that, despite the fact that the country needs the money to pay for basic amenities, the outrageous prices make it hard for them to make more money because people always find a cheap way to do things.

Michael added that the high customs rate seems to be costing Ghana a lot of money because many people send their cars through Togo to avoid paying high rates.

He believes that businessmen overprice the goods and services they import into the country, which is unfair, and that the locals pay the price for these government decisions.

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He stated, “The lower the fees, the fewer goods are sent the right way, which will hurt Ghana’s pockets.”

Additionally, he advised the GRA to possibly speak with the source of those absurd fees and make a change.

He continued, “Maybe it’s time you speak with whoever came up with those ridiculous fees and make a change.”

Over the course of the past week, Michael Blackson has criticized the GRA for imposing exorbitant duties.

The comic said the normal Ghanaian was unjustifiably troubled by the cost of carrying things into the country.

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