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Akon claims that if Chris Brown had the right team, he could become Michael Jackson.


Akon thinks Chris Brown has a shot at becoming the next Michael Jackson.

If the R&B superstar had the right people on his side, the singer thinks he could have had a career similar to the King of Pop.

Chris’ career path was the subject of an interview with Akon for Shannon Sharpe’s “Club Shay Shay” podcast.

The only person who, in his perspective, could have left behind a legacy as great as Mike’s in this day and age would have been Chris Brown, he said. “I just think that Mike was surrounded by a group of creative people, and Chris Brown wasn’t,” the author says.

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He continued by praising Chris’ skill. He explained, “Because he got the skill, he just needed the instruction.” Imagine Chris having Mike’s squad, just for a moment. It would be different in some way.

Chris, according to Akon, requires a better management and handler staff. He declared, “Chris, he’s got Bloods around him, small gangbangers around him.” He is not being guided. He is smart, but only in the sense that this age of smart attracts smart people.

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According to Rapup.com, he asserts that if some people were excluded from his circle, his “Came to Do” partner could become “the greatest entertainer ever.” Chris “has the chance,” he said.

Breezy is frequently contrasted with his hero. He addressed the MJ similarities earlier this year in an interview with Big Boy on Real 92.3.

Brown stated, “My own perspective on it is that if that individual didn’t exist, I wouldn’t even be breathing or even be able to sing a song.” I’m not sure if they perceive it as a Jordan-Kobe issue, but I was unable to even look at it.

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He is years and years ahead. With him, there is no competition.

Akon may not agree with Chris, but his career is booming.

He received a Grammy nomination this week for Breezy, the Best R&B Album (Deluxe). He also dropped two Christmas tracks, “It’s Giving Christmas” and “No Time Like Christmas,” as new music.



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