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4 simplest ways to get a US Green Card


If you are not a citizen of the United States and  wanting to migrate or live there involves lots of processes. You ought to be patient for quite a long period of time but guess what , there are simpler methods to help you become a citizen.

* First, determine your eligibility to get a green card:  You can get your Green card through relatives and friends. That is absolutely very convenient and easy because you would have enough time to understand every processes and proceedings of it.

Another alternative to determine your eligibility is through a job. Seek a reliable job in the State and petition your employer to have relocated or reside as a citizen of the US. The much more an easier step to take because employers of the United States are keen about their employees working remotely or on site.

Determine if you have fall into the refugee or asylee green card category. If you entered the US as a refugee or an asylee, or as an immediate family member of an asylee, you can apply for a green card 1 year after entering the country.
If you’re in the country as a refugee, it is mandatory to apply for permanent status after being in the country for a year.
If you’re in the country as an asylee, it is not mandatory to apply for green card.

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*Filing your petition:  You ought to fill an immigrant petition after figuring out which eligibility you fall on. Secondly ,you check your Visa Availability thus,there is a limited number of visas available to those applying for green cards through family that is not immediate and for employment purposes. You will receive a priority date and be put on a waiting list until a visa becomes available.

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You’ll receive a “Visa Bulletin” that will allow you to check your place in the visa queue.

Lastly ,you fill a form to register for a permanent residency.

* Finishing the process:  You should get your biometrics taken. An interview would be scheduled for you. Note to take the accurate time and date of your interview. Your passports as well as travel document should be submitted on other visits.

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* Wait for the final decision and get your Green card. If denied ,you are permitted to file an appeal . If accepted ,then congratulations, you would receive further instructions including the card’s renewal.


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