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Ghanaian social media hit with storm as Big Ivy claps back at Mummy Dolarz with new rap ‘Poison Ivy’.


Current Internet sensation, Big Ivy has once again set social media into frenzy with her new single ‘Poison Ivy’.

The rap song, many believe is a reply to Nigeria’s internet sensation Mummy Dolarz who dropped a single intended to shade Big Ivy.

Poison ivy in itself is know to be a dangerous plant that usually causes blisters, swollen and red skin to anyone who comes in contact with it. Referring to her rap as poison ivy she’s calling herself dangerous.

Puns in Big Ivy’s ‘Poison Ivy’ lyrics such as;

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“I’m a Ghana woman with power, something you can’t relate to.

“Shout out to NEPA, you go blackout. This battle you go back out,” has received a lot of applause.

” Mama Naira I am the Kuwait dinar, highest, coming up against me means you go fall, like my first name Tiwa, men I’m a savage. When it comes to beef, I be like Shatta you go crawl,” has many believing that the single was indeed directed at her Nigerian opponent.

Many netizens and music lovers have shown appreciation to the fact that not only did Big Ivy deliver a well structured rap, and entertainment but also she did not insult or body shame, something they claim Mummy Dolarz did in her released song.

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