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The Importance of Integrity in Building Relationships


Trust and respect are crucial factors in any relationship

The foundation of trust and respect is integrity. If that foundation of integrity is flawed or weak, it is impossible to build the necessary trust required to maintain successful, positive relationships.

This is true in business and personal relationships

A businessperson seeking to climb the success ladder of an organization can overcome many obstacles, including his/her own mistakes and miscalculations. But the individual who compromises their integrity and betrays other’s trust will advance to the top of any organization.

Here are some concepts that will help you build stronger relationships by being a person of integrity:

Understanding Integrity is about Doing the Little Things Right: It is said that those who cannot be trusted at all times, cannot truly be trusted at any time. Building trust with others requires time and patience, yet one betrayal, no matter how large or small, can destroy that trust forever.

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The theft of one dollar is still a theft. The person of integrity does not compromise his principles because the stakes are small. A small lie is still a lie.

Make a Commitment to Honest and Reliability: Being a person of integrity requires a conscious decision. Don’t wait until you are facing a crisis to decide how you will react. Make the decision now to be an honest and reliable person. Make the decision that you do not have a price – you will not sell your integrity for money, fame, power, or any anything else no matter what.

Put “Doing the Right Thing” Ahead of Your Personal Agenda/Goals: The person of integrity will make difficult decisions even if there is a personal cost attached to them.

Be the Same Person in Private as You are in Public: It is often said that the measure of a person’s character is what he/she does when no one is watching. Character is who we are at all times.

Be Accountable for Your Actions and Behavior at All Times: Accept credit for your successes gracefully, but more importantly, accept responsibility for your mistakes and wrongdoings without being forced to do so.

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