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“Shame, You Have Money For Bumbum Surgery But No House” Troll To Actress Kisa, See Her Reactions


Ghlagatin reported as, Trolls have continually made life uncomfortable for celebrities and influential people. They sit behind their computers and phones to write whatever they like under the posts of these public figures. Gone are the days when they keep quiet because of societal ethics and norms. Nowadays, celebrities go head to head with trolls sometimes it gets messy, and other times they just set the records straight mildly.

The video. . Ghanaian beautiful actress, television personality, and entrepreneur, Kisa Gbekle just set a troll straight. Kisa posted a video of herself in her village boiling water for her bath using firewood. According to her, the village is cold and they love to use that means to boil water for a bath. In her caption she said:

” @kisagbekle: Village Life. Aflao fla la la. Inside a village at Aflao.”

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Female Ghanaian celebrities, whom their husbands contributed to their success.

Rich ghanaian personalities residing in smaller towns and cities.  

A troll decided to shame Kisa by saying she should be ashamed for not having a good house in the village after spending a huge sum to get new buttocks. Read their exchange below plus those who came to Kisa’s defence:

” @jaymesh_store: So with all this your buga on Instagram you don’t even have a good house in your village yet you have money to go and do bumbum what a Shame.”

” @kisagbekle: @jaymesh_store, you think I don’t? Do you even know how many houses my mum have? Do you know how many mothers in the village have money but don’t want to change their lifestyle? That’s how she boils her water to bath despite everything she has. Go away with your thoughts.”

” @sadee9403: @kisagbekle don’t waste your energy, my dear. Go to Nigeria rich people still visit their villages and use this to prepare food.

Don’t mind them wai na Ghana see, we think we Know everything. Don’t explain anything, please let them learn. Love village life rough rough.”

” @kisagbeke: @sadrr9403, aaaw say again oo. My mum has 2 homes. But that’s how she makes her hot water. You know our parents hate to waste gas lol.”


What she said about mothers preferring to cook with firewood even if you buy gas for them, is it really true? Drop your opinions about this and kindly share.

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