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Rich ghanaian personalities residing in smaller towns and cities.


Every one would want to have access to greener pastures and the opportunities wide available to choice from.  The city and it’s resources so wide to contain every individual.Meanwhile, some ghanaian personalities have proven they could rich despite the fact they live in smaller towns.

The number one on the list is Iamhamamat.

Iamhamamat :She is a Very rich ghanaian model. An entrepreneur at that. She is the CEO of the Shea butter products. Its ingredients in mass in her Hometown, Upper East Region. iamhamamat emerged the winner some years back as Miss Universe. Interested in her African culture and traditions, she refines Shea  into shea creams and soaps for exports.Iamhamamat

Another is Dr. Kwabena Adjei.

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He is the founder of Kasapreko  Company .The company, which was first set up in his garage in 1989 at Nungua . The company has now grown into a multinational company with state-of-the-art automated factory located off the Spintex road. KCL currently employs a total of 573 regular and contract workers.

Dr. Kwabena Adei stay  in forest reason behind ,is he wants to give to back in his society.Kwabena Adjei

However these two great personalities , though live in smaller e have impacted so many lives with positives.

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