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Don’t Blame Akufo- Addo, Maurice Ampaw Reveals The Source Of Ghana’s Problem- Details Inside


In the middle of the IMF kerfuffle that has been raging in Ghana since last Friday, Maurice Ampaw has given a fairly intriguing statement to the country’ s citizens. On Ghana’ s Republic Day, word spread that the nation was having difficulties and would be turning to the IMF for support.

Many opposition political party spokespeople have asserted that their prior calls for the government to seek assistance have been validated. Attorney Ampaw urged Ghanaians to quit blaming President Akufo- Addo and Vice President Bawumia on Mmra Ne Abrabo Mu Nsem. He clarified that the continued financial difficulties are not the product of poor management.

He hinted that the issues are more spiritual in nature and that the government cannot resolve them on its own. According to Maurice Ampaw, the Bible predicts future events, including difficulties, in a number of texts. He urged Ghanaians to maintain their composure as prophecy is coming true.

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The Bible predicts that the last days would be challenging. The IMF is not the problem. Going straight to the IMF is not the answer. What is taking place is predicted to happen. The conflict is more about the fulfillment of prophecy than it is about policies or the IMF. No government can resolve the issues, according to Maurice Ampaw.

Last week, Sammy Gyamfi made headlines for his criticism of a Supreme Court order that allowed Deputy Speakers to vote during Parliamentary sessions.

The judgement has been challenged by the Minority in Parliament, who believe it would be used to enact the E- levy. The majority party in Parliament, on the other hand, thought differently and praised the decision, calling it a notch in the right direction.

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw has given his two cents to the conversation, stating that the decision is wonderful. He chastised NDC heavyweights like Sam George, A.B. Fuseni, Haruna Iddrisu, Sammy Gyamfi, and even John Dramani Mahama for questioning the decision.


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