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6 Funny Cartoons And Pictures In June That Perfectly Describe Akufo Addo’s Government


Amidst various brouhaha and scandals arising from all spheres of the country, some funny cartoons and memes went viral in the month of June which social media users believe they are perfect pictures to describe the current economic situation under His Excellency Nana Akufo Addo. As the picture clearly speaks for itself, some social media users claim this is how NPP is driving the country they doesn’ t know where to start again or to correct it.

Comparing NPP Government to this picture, people are seen building a house with poor foundation and a messy structure which they believe it’ s not different from the Akufo Addo administration. June in particular was judgement day for Finance Minister who was dragged to parliament to account for Covid- 19 funds.

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After many hide and seek, It is believed that Mr. Ken Ofori stayed throughout to plan how to account for some missing money. Despite the night of planning, the NDC still found loopholes. Many social media users used this one their statuses or comment section.

An old woman who is in their own explanation is a computer illiterate has been given a laptop and she doesn’ t even know how to use it. In same fashion, they believe Ghana has voted for a President who does not know how to manage the economy and only doing try and error.

Trying to figure out what is the case of our Economic crisis, one cartoonist Tilapia noted that large Government’s size is our main problem.

“Perfect picture that vividly explained the cause of our Economic woes in this country.           Why do I feel like the cartoon looks like Akuffo Addo”

Using the concept of Pontius Pilate in the bible who used his hands clean from Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, this cartoon also went viral after Pastor Mensah Otabil resigned from the National Cathedral Board.

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