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“Vawulence” And Blood All Over As Arise Ghana Movement Wrestles With Police “


Ghlagatin reported as, Vawulence” was in full swing during Arise Ghana demonstration in Accra on Tuesday, 28th June, 2022. Protestors were captured throwing stones whiles police also fired back tear gas. As if that wasn’ t enough, the protestors burnt car tyres to counterattack. School children who had just closed from school were caught up in the dilemma as the titans clashed.

Maaka Maaka News in an interview with Naa Ayokor a resident of Accra who witnessed the whole show said I was passing through and these people were throwing stones on the road irrespective of the people in trotro going to their destination, they attacked unarmed police officers in their bus right under the overhead where the Nkrumah statue and fire service is.

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They didn’ t care about non demonstrators or their own people being in that area” The Ghana Police Service in an official letter has announced that 12 officers were injured by the demonstrators. The injured officers have been transferred to the Police hospital in Accra for further treatment.

Some Police vehicles were also damaged in the process. Whiles a cross section of Ghanaians are condemning the attack on the police, the Deputy National Youth Organizer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has justified why they decided to throw stones. According to him the police first provoked them and they had no option to throw stones to defend themselves as a means of self defense since their lives were at risk.

Edem Agbana explaining what actually transpired said ” One reckless Police said that if we don’t take care they will shoot at us and. Some of the officers were really unprofessional. We are peaceful demonstrators, unarmed protesters sending a clear message to the government that the economy is in a mess. Self defence is seen as legal, they were only reacting to the action of the Police”. he said.

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