Home Politics Jubilation As Police Officers Get Beaten “Basabasa” By Arise Ghana Demonstrators

Jubilation As Police Officers Get Beaten “Basabasa” By Arise Ghana Demonstrators


About 90% of social media users are in great jublilation as some members of Arise Ghana Movement reportedly threw stones and assualted some police officers who were deployed to protect them. After reports of police officers been stoned, many Ghanaians believe it is a sweet revenge on the Ghana Police Service. According to proponents of this jublilation, Ghana Police Service has always been maltreating protestors to the extent on even shooting to kill some.

However today was the exact opposite as demonstrators had the upper hand on the officers. ” Just ur ear and u are shouting, what about the innocent people u hv injured and killed? Police shoot someone with a gun in Nkranza, de person died, U diz same police came out to say the person fell Nd died or he was hit by a stone, Today dem throw one stone at u ppl Nd ur complaining. what goes around comes around” some facebook users commented. Other Ghanaians on twitter who were filled with joy tweeted that the protestors should have even done worse than they did. ” Ghana police demma body dey sweet them waaa! ! This small injury you are shouting.

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You think the service is a bed of roses? They could have removed his both ears kwatakwatta sia next tym. Nkoranza shooting was acceptable? Ejura shooting was acceptable? Ayawaso West was acceptable? Etc the citizenry have lost hope in ur ability to protect them because of ur unprofessional conducts”

Many are of the school of thought that Police Service have become robots that are been used by the NPP and the President to always scared away protestors. A hungry man according to one user is always an angry person therefore the police should allow them go to the Presidency than stopping them.

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