Home Politics SHOCKING: This Is Why NPP Chose An Elephant As Their Emblem

SHOCKING: This Is Why NPP Chose An Elephant As Their Emblem


Ghlagatin reported as, The New Patriotic Party has an elephant as their emblem. Have you ever asked yourself why they chose an elephant upon all the wild animals in the forest? They could have selected a lion which symbolizes bravery or even a spider which is known to be wise but still chose an elephant. Well, after much in- depth analysis the following reasons might be why the founders of NPP Chose an elephant as emblem.

Intelligence and Wisdom Great Political Scientist Aristotle described the elephant as ” the animal that surpasses all others in wit and mind. ” Your guess might be right as mine, elephants are known to be intelligent and blessed with so much wisdom. It is not surprising that the New Patriotic Party pride themselves as the political party in Ghana full of intelligent people, academia and having all the legal brains.

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Strength and Protection Known for their protectiveness, an elephant will personally endanger themselves to protect their calves and their herd. Elephants do not accept defeat easily, they will go all out until victory is assured. NPP has not disappointed as they always keep up a winning mentality and fight to protect what belongs to them.


Mostly used in jewelries, elephants are believed to bring fortune and goodluck.

They believe that how hard the system is,  fortune will com by naturally if they work towards it. Despite economic situation, NPP typical of encouraging Ghanaians to hope for  the better.


Even in the forest, one of the things elephant chrish most is their family.

In the kingdom of elephants, they believe in a social system where they always move I’m group. The leader of the group is always the oldest and experienced ones who make sure their needs are taken care of. NPP as a political party has practically showed Ghanaians this symbolism by introducing social initiatives like the NHIS, School Feeding program, Free SHS etc.

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