Home Entertainment “)y3zu )y3za”- Bukum Banku Releases NDC’s 2024 Campaign Song- Watch Video

“)y3zu )y3za”- Bukum Banku Releases NDC’s 2024 Campaign Song- Watch Video



Controversial Accra based boxer, Bukum Banku has released a new campaign song for Ex President Mahama and the National Democratic Congress ahead of 2024 Elections. Lyrics of the song which is on the video attached below is jeered towards praising Ex President Mahama and propagating some of his achievements whiles in office.

The song as sang by Bukum Banku is a remix and was sampled from Bisa Kdei’ s hitsong ” Brother eee Brother” Most importantly, the song seeks to inform Ghanaians on how John Dramani Mahama will transform Ghana when given the power.

Few hours after the release of the song, the video has attracted thousands of views, likes, shared and comments with many touting it as a perfect campaign song for Mahama and NDC in 2024.

Already NDC foot soldiers and many like minded Ghanaians have already fallen in love and have started jamming happily to it. ” Creativity at its apex. You deserve a golden medal for the best song of the year so far. I just love it not for political purposes. Banku apart from being one of the best comedian and entertainer, he is also a unifier. . . . Love him.

Honestly, one of the best creative political song for NDC! ” NDC foot soldiers applauded Bukum Banku. Whiles others have fallen for the song, others believe it’ s the usual Onaapo kind of song and won’ t change anything.

“After 2024 election what next? answer supreme court NDC for you. Mahama Ann’s his friends always doing jama songs for him is not strange. If Onaapo and Okada couldn’t do it. . . U are doing to lose again John Dramani Mahama take it or leave it coming 2024. Bukum Banku has lost his credibility, he’s not supposed to be listenes to please. Banku dey find money”

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