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Top 5 NDC Campaign Songs That Will Make You Dance Automatically- Watch Videos


Elections in Ghana has never come without entertaining campaign songs with great punchlines and danceable beats. The National Democratic Congress is arguably one of the best when it comes to campaign songs.


The song which was sampled from gospel musician I. K Anings hitsong became the talk of the town in the run up to 2020. Lyrics of the song sounded a warning to His Excellency Nana Akufo Addo that he will smell pepper if John Dramani Mahama comes to power.

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“Gays Are Also Human Beings, Allow Them To Enjoy Themselves”- NPP Chairman  

Bobolebobo took over the political arena and every Ghanaian voter regardless of political affiliation danced to it upon hearing it.


Election 2016 also saw NDC campaign song Onaapo composed by Dee Aja dominated the trends. Even NPP interpreted as John Dramani coming to chop Ghana’ s money, it was still a hit.

Edey bi edey bi edey bi oo John Mahama John Mahama John Mahama dey bi Mahama, onaapo Mahama, onaapo MAHAMA PAPER Not to forget Shatta Wales dancehall song which was adopted by the NDC in the electioneering year, the song promised to put money called ” Mahama Paper” into the pockets of Ghanaians. Although Shatta Wale didn’ t compose the song for NDC, the mention of John Mahama alone was enough to sell their candidate.

OKADA (JOHN 3: 16)

In 2020, a cartonised song entitled John 3:16 was also released by NDC. The message simply meant for God so loved Ghana that he sent his only begotten son John Dramani Mahama to come and rescue the name. At the time when Okada riders were mounting pressure on Nana Akuffo Addo to deliver his promises, it was a good strategy to add some Okada remix.


Mahama dey be, Mahama dey ntsi obi ns3 w’ adwen. . This only was communicate to Ghanaians that John Dramani Mahama is the best choice so they shouldn’t allow NPP to deceive them.

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