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I Won’t Allow This ‘Weird’ Thing To Happen Under Akufo- Addo- Kwesi Pratt Charges


Mr. Kwesi Pratt is a well- known Ghanaian media personality.

He works as an editor for one of Ghana’ s most prestigious newspapers. Due to his education and maturity, Kwesi Pratt Junior frequently appears on television to discuss current events in Ghana, including political, entertainment, and social topics.

Mr. Kwesi Pratt Jnr sent a daring statement to a group of teenage men who are trying to do the unanticipated under the government of His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo or any administration in Ghana while speaking live on Peace FM. – Kwesi Pratt stated.

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Mr. Kwesi Pratt addressed his statement to the 4th 2022 demonstration organizers. It is illegal and absurd, according to Kwesi Pratt, for those young men to engage in demonstrations with guns. ” How can you write this rubbish with a pen or a piece of paper? How can you possibly sit behind your computer and write this letter to the cops? We will not allow them to demonstrate with guns in any form.

I’ m not going to watch this foolishness unfold under Nana Addo ” . . – Kwesi Pratt expressed himself. In other news, It was an unusual day since administration communicators had to spend the most of the day disputing certain claims leveled against them. The government has been accused of selling parts of the Achimota Forest.

This sparked outrage, with many accusing President Akufo- Addo of selling or collateralizing Ghana’ s assets. Finally, Samuel Jinapor put an end to the rumors and debunked the charges.

Despite the Ministry’s information, Kwesi Pratt has stated that this topic would not be put to rest. The Achimota Forest, According to Kwesi, controlled rainfall, served as an ecology, and prevented pollution.

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