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Asin North Case Finally Killed By US Law Professor


A US based Ghanaian law professor, Stephen Kwaku Asare popularly called Kwaku Azar has killed the case of Assin North MP.

According to the learned lawyer, the high court had it all wrong when it ruled that the embattled MP, Hon. James Gyakye Quayson owed allegiance to Canada at the time of filing his nominations to contest 2020 parliamentary elections. He said the court opined that allegiance was the same as citizenship and therefore annuled the election in Assin North constituency.

Kwaku Azar who has been writing series of articles on the issue stated on Facebook intercepted by CitizenOne that, one can owe allegiance to a country without necessarily being a citizen of that country.

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Similarly, one can be a citizen of a country but not owning allegiance to it. Professor Asare therefore faulted the Cape Coast high court for its ruling on the case. ” Fellow Ghanaian citizens, as I’ ve humbly submitted in Part VIII under this headline, ” allegiance” is totally and completely different from ” citizenship” . Now, an oath (vow) is simply a public vow that a person takes to discharge certain duties, responsibilities (actions and inactions) as a result of the status that the person is about to attain. However, if by actions and/or actions it’ s established that the person has broken the ” oath of allegiance” it effectively ends the person’ s ” citizenship”.

For instance, when the person publicly and officially renounces the citizenship, whether it be done in writing or orally. Again, if the person spies on the country and passes state sacrets to another country. Also if the person fights on the side of the country’s enemies during war times.

It’s just like when a spouse files for divorce.

Nobody (law) can force the couples, especially the one seeking divorce, to uphold the marriage vows (oaths) until the divorce is officially certified because it’s been effectively broken by the filling of divorce. So couples are free to be living with any new person (partner) even before they sign the divorce certificate.

Thus, in the case of the Assin- North MP, Hon James Gyakye Quayson, who officially wrote to the Canadian government a whole year (2019) ahead of the 2020 Ghana general election ls, renouncing his Canadian citizenship, the only thing left was for the process of renunciation of his Canadian citizenship to be fully completed.

However, it’s explicitly clear that he did NOT X owe (any) allegiance” to Canada again from the day Canada acknowledge receipt of his renunciation letter (statement), especially when he told them in it that he would be contesting the 2020 Ghana general elections as an MP on the ticket of the NDC. It would be the heavenly heights of absurdity for anyone ( Canadian government, inclusive) to think that he still owed/ owes Canada any allegiance after that date.

Article 94(2a) explicitly reads in part ” . . . owes allegiance to a country other than Ghana . . . ” And NOT” . . . is a citizen of a country other than Ghana . . .”

The High Court, again, I’m humbly submitting, gravely erred in law by saying that ” allegiance” is same as ” citizen ” and for that matter” citizenship” when it determine the case. ”

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