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Bad News: You Won’t Believe What Is Happening To Momo Agents After E- Levy Implementation


Government and NPP communicators and collaboration with Ken Ofori Atta told Ghanaians that E- Levy is the answer to all our problems.

However, it doesn’ t seem to be the case as over 4, 000 mobile money agents are reported to have lost their jobs since it implementation.

According to statistics available to Maaka Maaka News, the mobile money industry lost 4, 000 active agents, as their number declined to 454, 000 in April from the previous month’ s 458, 000. All these also reflected in the value of transactions, which dropped by GH¢2. 8billion within the period under discussion.

As if that was not enough, most mobile money users according to the reports are gradually deactivating their accounts or have stopped using their momo accounts since the implementation of E- Levy.

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The telecommunication companies (Telcos) registered an over- 300, 000 loss of mobile money subscribers in the month of April prior to implementation of the Electronic Transactions Levy (E- levy), Bank of Ghana data have shown.

Just in a month of it’ s implementation, the Summary of Economic and Financial data (May 2022), just ahead of implementing the E- levy in May, active mobile money subscribers saw a decline in April to 18. 6 million from the 18. 9 million recorded the previous month. A clear indication that people are silently rejecting the E- levy by way of not doing transactions via momo.

Although the Ghana Revenue Authority in a statement issued made it clear that the implementation had so far been smooth, people are loosing their jobs on the other hand. Telcos are loosing huge profit and more workerd are expected to be fired if the trend continuous. The question is looking at the situation will government achieve it estimate target?

Regardless of the afforementioned problems, the Governor of Bank of Ghana has indicated it is early days to make conclusion and believes that soon Ghanaians will start paying E-Levy.

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