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Suffering From Skin Rashes And Pimples, Do These Now And Thank Me Later


Skin Rashes and Pimples are a problem that is most often associated with Adolescents and Adults, though some people can sort out their skin problems just with the help of various skincare creams and ointments, others find it very difficult to get rid of rashes and pimples. So in this article, I will be sharing with you three hacks that will help you get rid of recurring rashes and skin issues.

1. Wash Your Face With A Medicated Soap Before Sleeping

Most people after bathing at the night still undertake lots of activities that get dust particles mixed with sweat trapped on their face while others only bathe in the morning. If you wipe your face with a white handkerchief before bed, you will realize that they are a lot of dust particles on your face hence the tissue or handkerchief will be stained with dirt. These dirt particles block the skin pores and usually lead to skin rashes. Irrespective of the number of ointments you use, the issue will continue recurring till you start washing the dirt off your face before you sleep.

2. Avoid Triggers Like Groundnuts

For most people, their face gets engulfed with hundreds of pimples after they take in groundnut and other triggers. For most people, groundnut is a sure trigger for pimples including myself.

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My face can look as smooth as it can not until it takes in fried groundnuts, it doesn’ t matter the number of ointments I use, if I take in groundnut, then the pimples will keep reoccurring Another trigger that can personally affirm is my hair, whenever my hair grows beyond a certain level, pimples begin to develop.

3. You Can Also Use Proven Ointments And Change Your Pomade.

It is no new fact that certain types of pomade react negatively with the skin causing rashes, pimples, and various akin infections.

Trying changing your pomade for a while and you might be shocked to see the changes, you can also get some good ointments from a drug store and that might help clear the rashes and pimples.

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