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Must See! See The 5 Shocking Health Risks Of Masturbation That You Should Know At All Cost


Masturbàtion in short is a method that people adopt to acquire séxual pleasure with or without a human partner.

Though many professional health researchers have released the claims masturbátion as an activity in itself does not pose any form of danger to the body except if it is excessively done, it is also worth knowing that the subject in itself is highly debatable as several health researchers have issued concrete facts to prove masturbátion possess lots of health risk to an individual which can go from temporary to permanent. So in this article, I will share with you 5 health risks associated with masturbation that is worth knowing.

1. Premature Ejaculation

As a young man, one of the things you need to stay away from if you want to function properly sexuálly is masturbâtion. According to several research conducted, men who usually masturbáte usually find it extremely difficult to control the release of sperm during intimacy, this can lead to problems in marriages and might infuriate your partner in the long run.

2. Memory Loss

Since masturbátion involves a lot of focus and concentration, the is an excessive release of dopamine in the brain which can result in short- term memory loss, and lack of concentration and can affect a person mentally.

3. Hair Loss

People who are found of masturbàtion on regular bases usually suffer from hair loss.

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According to research, people who masturbàte about 5 times a week stands a high risk of hair loss which might go a long way to affect your overall confidence.

4. Energy Loss And Tiredness

Masturbàting requires a lot of energy, so after the activity, one can develop the feeling of weakness and tiredness which are all signs of excessive energy loss. This can go a long way affect your day leaving you stressed up.

5. Affects One Sex Life

Since masturbàtion goes along to dampen s3xual pleasure, such people tend to usually have a destroyed sex life and do not really value intimacy onec they get married.

Apart from the religious reasons why you should quit masturbation, the are several health reasons why it should be part of your daily routine.

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