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Are You Suffering From Eye Problems? Eat These Foods Now And See The Magic


In this modern- day of technology, most people use their mobile phones and computers almost throughout the day which leaves an undesired impact on their eyes.

The most common eye problems today are short- sightedness, high sensitivity to light, and itchy eyes, though the use of eye drops and glasses have become common due to this issue, what most people do not know is that adding the below- listed fruits and vegetables to your regular diet can improve your vision and help reduce or solve your eye problems.

1. Fish Rich In Omega- 3 Fatty Acids

One of the major problems associated with spending several hours behind the computer and mobile screen is the issue of dry eyes which can leave a lot of discomfort on an individual.

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Adding Fish that have rich Omega- 3 Fatty acids is a proven method of solving the issue of dry eye. Some of the fishes that are rich in Omega- 3 are:





*Herrings. So adding these fish to your daily diet is just like saying goodbye to the issue of dry eyes.

2. Taking Citrus Fruits Daily
Citrus fruits are known to be one of the rich sources of Vitamins. The Vitamins present in Citrus fruits are a recommended means by several processional health researches like the AOA to fight various eye damages like the blurred vision which affects both the young and old.

Some of the well known Citrus fruit are:




3. Add Carrots To Regular Diets

One of the prime source of Vitamin A and Carotene (Beta) is carrots.

Vitamin A is one of the main nutrients needed by the eye for clearer vision, it’s components help and strengthen the retina for it to absorb light.

Having carrots in your diet will solve a lot of your eye issues which will improve your eyesight and promote your overall health.

Your health is the foundation of your health, so take good care of yourself and enjoy a healthy life.

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