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Must See: Add These 3 Foods To Your Childrens Diet If You Want Them To Grow Smart And Brilliant


The environment one grows up in, the food one eats during infancy, and the kind of people around contribute greatly to the overall growth of a child. Usually, when it comes to the subject of growth, most parents limit it to how strong a child looks on the outside forgetting what is really going on on the inside, almost all internal growth defects can be easily detected from the outside but when it comes to brain development, it is most difficult to detect irregularities until the child has grown up. When a child is not fed with the appropriate brain food, they might end up becoming dumb in the classroom and mentally dull.

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Here are the 3 foods that should not be excluded from the diets of your children if you want them to grow brilliant and active.

1. Eggs and Salads:

Egg proteins are proven to be a key factor in brain development so far as your kids are concerned. According to research by popular Los Angeles Chef and Nutritionist ‘ Beth Saltz, combining eggs with salads regularly in the diets of children will help build the brain so far as maintaining concentration is concerned.

2. Fish Rich In Omega- 3s:

As far as the brain development of your kids is concerned, then fishes like Sardines, Salmon, and Tuna which are all filled with Omega- 3 should always be included in the diets of your children.

3. Nuts And Seeds:

Nuts and Seeds come with a packs of important fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins that help balance the mood of your children and improves their nervous system. Nuts and Seeds like Pea Nuts, Sunflower seeds, and others should also be key in the diets of children in order to boost their mental capacity.

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