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History of the Achimota Forest reserve and its latest news

Achimota Forest

The Achimota is a town in the Accra District Metropolitan. A district in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. Such a forest was named by the Gas. Then, it was a forbidden forest of silent refuge for runaway slaves in the colonial government of Ghana.  In the Ga language, Achimota implied ,”Speak no name“.

Before independence,,The Achimota Forest (AF) was gazetted in July 1930 to create a green buffer between the Achimota School and the city of Accra and to provide cheap fuel for the School. However , not long it became a reside for prayer camping and any other traditional activities to take place.Achimota Forest

On entry to that forest, any individual was expected to pay an amount ,costing Gh¢0.50 to whom and what for , currently unknown. On the  initial entrance , you would find traders available ,more of a larger market like this popular one ,Agbogbloshie.

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But the most dominant product was various brands of “anointing oil” meant for spiritual purposes. Moving meters into the forest, self claimed prophets and even shrines in smaller scenes were also found. Achimota Forest

Well, speaking of the news to sell the Achimota Forest reserve, the Lands Minister have concluded , the Forest has not been sold yet. .But the planned objective was that, part of the reserve was to be sold for construction of an Eco Park.

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