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True Crime: He Stabbed Her 90 Times After Ràping Her! The Sad Murder Of Precious


Ramabulana The sad murder of Precious Ramabulana is one that has been in the media space for some time now and continues to be because those who committed the crime have been left to walk freely without being brought to book.

The circumstances surrounding her death are one that one can never desire should happen to a human being.

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It was all said to have started when the young man who is alleged to have committed the barbaric act saw Precious dancing and chilling in front of her apartment in what appeared to be a party. He instantly lusted after her after watching her dance moves from afar and immediately planned to propose to the lady. According to reports, the young man came to her house one night after making sure Precious was the only one at home.

He went ahead and knocked at the door for several times intending to propose to Precious but he got angry and fed up after she refused to open the door.

He went ahead and forcefully entered the house after breaking the door. It was said that Precious started screaming for help after she saw the guy enter.

Surely you would have done the same if you were been in her shoes, the young man knowing very well her shouts will force neighbors to the scene which might land him in a dangerous situation decided to pounce on Precious with a knife, stabbed her multiple times and left her lying on the floor unconscious, after realizing she was unconscious, he went ahead and rapped her after which he continued the stabbing making sure the is no chance of survival.

Since he also lived in the same community, he was afraid that he would get arrested and imprisoned if the lady should survive so he ended up leaving her in a totally dismembered state and fled the scene.

According to the latest updates available to the GHLAGATIN, the young man was arrested eventually after investigations were carried out but still now, a substantial judgement has not been passed on his case.

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