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Violence Has Become A Cherished Commodity In NPP- NDC’s Amaliba Blasts


Director of Legal Affairs of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr Abraham Amaliba has described the ongoing Electoral violence in the New Patriotic Party as something that has come to say in their DNA. Mr Amaliba was hosted in the studios of TV3 on Friday, 29th April, 2022 where he reacted to some of the incidents recorded.

He added that such cases were minor in the New Patriotic Party but in recent elections, the NPP has shown on countless occasion that they cannot do away with violence.

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Using several incidents that happened in 2020 general elections, Mr Amaliba is not surprised that they are fighting even among themselves.

” The acts are not democratic at all. But there is a certain trend that is happening in the NPP where violence has become something of a cherished commodity and so you will not be surprised to sees some of the these things.

” He added that members of the governing New Patriotic Party have found a new Commodity called violence that they are gladly purchasing. However he believes that we have come far as a democratic nation and NPP for that matter should learn from other politcal parties and put a stop to these violences.

” Yesterday was 30 years when we approved of this constitution and that ushered us into the democratic dispensation.

So if you are witnessing things of this nature where the elections were characterized by attacks on EC officials, attacks on Police, have we progressed or or we are retrogressing? ”

In conclusion, Mr. Amaliba said a big party like NPP who is in power should not be confronted with problems such as removal of people’s name from the album and petty issues that aggravated to violence during their Constituency Elections and Polling Stations.

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