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Kwesi Pratt Reacts To Serwaa Broni’s Saga- Read What He Said


Evelyn Aidoo was interviewed by Kevin Taylor, a Ghanaian journalist residing in the United States, about a week ago. The interview came out to be a tremendous public relations disaster. Serwaa Broni’ s claims have been disproved by administration officials, yet no one has had the confidence to sue her.

The NDC communicators, on the other hand, have demanded an investigation into the claims. Serwaa Broni claims she had private conversations with President Akufo- Addo.

She also claimed that she was abused by several National Security personnel based on the proof they believe she has, which would be a major humiliation to the President. The managing editor of the Insight newspaper, Kwesi Pratt, has provided some insight into the Serwaa Broni scandal. Kwesi claims he is unconcerned about what Serwaa stated.

Kwesi reminded out that someone’ s inward matters are unimportant to him because they will not provide him with nourishment. It doesn’ t matter to him whether Akufo- Addo can accomplish in bed or not.

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The actual issue, however, was Ghanaians’ living situation. He stated that if the 2024 elections are about Serwaa Broni, he will be troubled. He did, however, urge Ghanaians to vote despite the country’ s economic difficulties.

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In other news, Kevin Taylor, a Ghanaian journalist based in the United States, has made a major accusation against the vice president of the Republic of Ghana.

Kevin Taylor is well- known for broadcasting live videos on social media in which he criticizes the president and reveals information about the president and other ministers.

In a current piece, Kevin Taylor asserted unequivocally that the vice president and his team are working behind the scenes to push the impeachment agenda against president.

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