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World’s Deadliest Places WhereWhere Cannibalism Is Practiced To Date

For obvious reasons, cannibalism is one of those practices that humans have never embraced. That doesn’t mean cannibalism doesn’t exist, however, as there are still a few places on Earth where cannibalism is openly practiced.The few places that don’t mind eating humans alive are Papua New Guinea, the Nahe Caves, the Ganges and Cambodia. Most of the time, the reason for devouring humans is religious ritual, but extreme conditions can also force humans to become cannibals.



If you don’t want to fall into someone else’s belly, here are some places you don’t want to go.

Papua New Guinea

The Korowai are a legendary cannibal tribe living on the banks of the Ndeiram Kabur River in western New Guinea. The Korowai people are known for doing things that are completely weird and different from humans. They live in tall trees up to 140 feet tall and eat people for a living.

Yes, it makes sense since cannibalism is at the top of the Korowai weirdness list. They believed in the existence of the devil, which they called “Khakua”. According to Korowe’s belief, any mysterious death in the town is the result of an attack by a demon that attacked the human and killed the man. To avenge the Kaku, the Korowai consider it their duty to devour the corpses of the dead. Due to their habit of eating the corpses of the mysterious dead, the tribe soon became cannibals.



Cannibal tribe of Naihehe cave

Nahehe Cave in Sigatoka, Fiji is said to be home to ferocious cannibals. The presence of cannibal tribes terrified the island, earning it the nickname “Cannibal Island”. Cannibals have a long and seemingly never-ending history in Fiji.

Unlike Korowai, Naihehe cave locals do not need religious reasons to eat human flesh. The Nehehe cave tribe hunts humans and enjoys meat lollipops made from human flesh during their celebrations. During the celebration, they danced to traditional songs, drank exotic drinks and ate delicious human flesh. So make sure you visit Fiji’s cannibal island at the right time of year.



Ganges cannibals

In India, cannibalism is almost extinct. However, you might be surprised to learn that some monks still believe in and practice cannibalism. The notorious cannibal order “Aghori” preaches the belief that cannibal rituals help them attain spiritual awareness.

Aghoris feeds and drinks on human skulls and covers themselves with charred human skin. While the rituals of Aghori may seem creepy to you, Indians have made peace with them. Fortunately, Aghoris don’t hunt humans. They prefer to use the corpses of people who have already died. Indians are afraid of Aghori because they are considered masters of witchcraft and it is impossible to ignore the fact that they devour humans.



The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is a country in Africa.

Congolese rebels hunted down the Bambúti tribe in the 2000s. Cannibalism has long been outlawed in the Democratic Republic of Congo due to a series of human rights campaigns. However, a few years ago, representatives of the Congolese minority, speaking at a United Nations conference, begged the authorities for help as members of the minority mysteriously disappeared.

Congolese rebels reportedly began targeting the Congolese Mbuti Pygmy minority in the 2000s. In 2003, the Mbuti Pygmies represented Sinafasi Makelo at a UN meeting and highlighted the genocide suffered by minorities, as well as sexual assault, abuse, poverty and other issues.

It was later decided to implement cannibalism by members of an armed group who believed that eating the human flesh of the Bambuti tribe would give them magical powers. The representative confirmed that members of armed groups feed on sèxual orgàns primarily to gain occult powers.

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How the Cambodian genocide ended in cannibalism

The Khmer Rouge rule in Cambodia is considered one of the bloodiest periods in history. The atrocities of the armed forces are indescribable, not only killing and dismembering locals, but sometimes devouring them. The prosecution of the long-standing Khmer Rouge case began in 2003, when news broke that soldiers tortured prisoners by caesarean section or amputation. Khmer Rouge soldiers would even eat the flesh of prisoners to terrorize other prisoners.

Nuku Hiva in French Polynesia

A German tourist was reportedly killed, dismembered and later feasted on in 2011. Stefan Ramin, a 40-year-old German tourist, went with his girlfriend to seek adventure on the small island of Nuku Hiva in French Polynesia. Lamin, on the other hand, had no idea he was going to make headlines for the trip.

Ramin and his girlfriend were hunting goat in Nuku Shiwa when their guide attacked them. Ramin was murdered and his body was later found near the campfire. It is believed that Lamin’s tour guide murdered him and then “cut him to pieces”. Lamin’s body was eventually burned to ashes. Nuku Hiva rose to fame after cannibals attacked a tourist.

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