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Putin’s Secret Revealed: Here Is What The Russian Dictator Really Want


Vladimir Putin held a public hearing on February 21, 2022, to ratify his decision to recognize the independence of the two Russian- backed separatist republics in Ukraine. It was a deplorable spectacle.

Putin, slumped at a large desk, turned to face his minions, who were seated in chairs on the other side of the room. The dictator grilled his top aides one by one, forcing them to go on record supporting his moves.

A Foreshadowing Of The Evil To Come

Three days later, on February 24, 2022, Vladimir Putin launched a full- fledged invasion of Ukraine. Recognizing the separatist republics was only a small step in his grand plan. Ukraine has been completely destroyed. And the establishment of a new world. A world of Russians.

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While Putin tried to justify his aggression by claiming it was to rid Ukraine of ” Ukrainian Nazis” and to protect separatist republics from ” genocide, ” the real reason was quite different. Inadvertently, Naryshkin’ s speech revealed that everything had been staged.

The Russian leadership was confident that the conflict would be over in a matter of days. The Ukrainians would submit and become Putin’ s stooges. The same as Belarus. Putin, on the other hand, kept this plan a secret.

The Russian state news agency RIA Novosti published an article two days after the invasion of Ukraine. Except for one thing, this would be unremarkable. Its title explains why: Russia’ s Arrival and the Birth of a New World

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