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The World Best Skin Tone Cream To Use (Safari by SK Cosmetics)


Skin tone refers to the surface colour of the skin. Many factors determine the skin tone, but the pigment melanin is most important. Melanin is the primary determinant of the skin colour of dark humans. The colour of the skin is not uniform for any individual.

The leather of the palm and the sole of the feet are lighter than the rest of the body, and this is very visible among dark-skinned people than it is among the light-skinned.

The uneven tone of the skin may be due to exposure to the sun, medications, hormones, ageing and hyperpigmentation (pimples and dark spots).

Many people confuse skin toning with skin bleaching. It is to be noted that skin toning is different from skin bleaching. Whereas skin-toning involves treating uneven skin tones, skin bleaching consists of whitening the skin with chemicals.

Skin bleaching uses harsh chemicals, which risks skin poisoning and premature ageing. There are lots of ways by which people tone their skins.

These include exfoliating the skin at least once a week (help speed up the process of removing dead skin cells), Vitamin C-rich serum which helps treat sun-induced damage to the skin, retinol which contains vitamin A that helps get rid of hyperpigmentation, laser treatment and the use of skin toning creams.



Lotion, face cream, face cleanser, shower gel, exfoliating bar soap


Brightening Black Soap

Pamper yourself with this soothing black shower gel that cleanses and regenerates the skin. As it softens and brightens, leaving the skin with an instant glow.

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Brightening Face cream

This miraculous healing formulation clears discolorations and blemishes. Whilst improving on the skins collagen and overall Glow.


Exfoliating Bar Soap

This miraculous healing formulation clears discolorations and blemishes. Whilst improving on the skins collagen and overall Glow.


Brightening Facial Cleanser

Prevents future breakouts and gently exfoliating the skin. Formulated with salicylic and infused with natural herbs, this facial cleanser unclogs pores and sooths dry inflamed skin.


Brightening Body Lotion

This luxurious, skin perfecting Brightening Body lotion ,was naturally formulated to hydrate and moisturize the skin. Whilst fading skin discolorations, and restoring a brighter even skin tone for a luminous glow.


About Safari by SK Cosmetics

Safari cosmetics is a delectably indulgent Ghanaian skincare brand, our products are certainly everyone’s secrete, poised at enhancing the confidence of our clients through carefully formulated products infused with naturally grown herbs from the soil of Africa. For the safe improvement of their skin. Skincare should be a priority! Enjoy the prestigious African brand formed to give you a luxurious sensation for the modern individual.

Our Values

  • Sustainability,
  • Customer value
  • Safety

Our Vision

Safari exists to positively impact the society through skincare. Our vision is to be globally recognized as the African brand producing glamorous results from African herbs.






FOR BULK PURCHASE OR ORDERS CALL: 0540838089 / 0203040985

EMAIL: [email protected]



Safari by SK is the best skin toning cream in the world for all skin types.

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