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7 ways to balance your motherhood , Entrepreneurship and Marriage as a young Lady.


Every young lady at the peak of caring ,not either for herself but a whole family , would want it the perfect way. Meanwhile, it is very stressing and seem like a bad omen to some girls. Those with entrepreneurial skills always desire to be busy with schedules . Others want to live at home eternally looking after their kids whilst some  want to be “maids as as wives”  in their husbands home.

When all these duties intended to be performed by one lady, some see as a bad omen. However there are some perfect ways as a young woman you can balance your home.;

Nangi notuka. Insta mom

Schedule your duties  : Know what to do at a particular time.

Get Enough Sleep. Between motherhood, marriage, and entrepreneurship, sleep was this first thing to go.

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Dress Up : As a lady you should always maintain your fashion trails . Look beautiful and dress nicely even doing house chores.

Don’t Be Afraid to Unplug.

Exercise Regularly. Exercises builds and widens your effectiveness in all works.

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Pick Up Old Hobbies :  Bring alive  things that make you happier

Ditch the Guilt.Be kind to yourselfMotherhood

Take positive steps forward. Remember that just because you feel guilty it doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong. • Let it go. Make a list of the things you feel guilty about and consider how you can forgive yourself and let go
Make Quality Time for Family. Have enough time for your family . Where you can express your views to your hubby or kids.

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