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16 Super effective ways to stop overeating as a young teenage girl or boy


In all of our daily lives , one fundamental  is eating. Keeping the body energetic and with available resources to perform various activities.  All other things equal ,Exercising also counts but  you can’t exercise effectively whilst on an empty tummy. Thus , shows the reason to eat everyday.

 Question:How would imagine having all your delicacies  served on your table a day? Obviously , you would consume all before the night falls.

OvereatingAs a human , you want have to eat but some exceeds their ranges of eating . The question still trolls,Why?? Some overeat out of pleasure or excitement, drinking a lot of alcohol can also be termed as overeating. Because alcoholic drinks boots more  than your appetite.

To cut this whole story short, these are some effective  ways to stop overeating.

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#drink lots of water before eating! Drinking water is essential for everybody in every thing. Water needs to practically consumed . Not only you feel thirsty. It isn’t heavy as food but performs lots and lots of function to your body.Overeating

# practice mindful eating : know when to eat and where to eat. Example morning foods would be medium sized foods like tea with fried egg and bread etc, afternoon- fufu or banku( thus heavy foods) , and in the evenings , very lightweighted foods. This is a  very good standard to practice mindful eating .

# know your triggers ; Triggers simply means what causes what. You should know your emotions, and all other things associated to you. It is when you angry , that you overeat or too excited ,which causes it.

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#keep portions in check; On your dinning table, you should specify that amount of different varieties of foods you would eat.

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#plan your scourges
# mindful about alcohol
#make your favourites healthierOvereating
# reduce stress
#start your morning right
# dine with good friends : eat with people who would encourage you to eat foods healthier to your body

When it comes to your health, it should be your outmost priority. Thanks for reading

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