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How to Apply for a Ghana Passport



How to Apply for a Ghana Passport

The Ghanaian passport ranks 80th in the Passport Guide Index. The passport provides visa-free access to about 55 countries. Another 66 countries require a visa to enter, and the only one that is visa-free is the European Union. The other 166 destinations require a visa. The passport application process can take upto 14 days to process.

How to apply for a Ghana passport

The government of Ghana issues the Ghanaian passport to people who have been granted nationality by the country. The process is governed by nationality laws in Ghana. There are three types of booklets: diplomatic, service, and contemporary. The booklets that you receive depend on the purpose of your travels. These types of documents are important to maintain and show abroad. There are many different ways that you can apply for a Ghana passport.

If you are a citizen of Ghana, you can apply for a passport by going to the Passport Office in Accra and filling out an application form. You will need to provide documentary evidence of citizenship (birth certificate, statutory declaration made in a High Court by a parent, or an affidavit signed by the head of the household). If you are under 18, you must have your guardians or parents complete the forms for you. If you are an adult and cannot write or sign the application, you must have someone else fill it out for you. You must also have a copy of your current passport.

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How to renew your Ghana passport abroad

If you already have a valid passport from Ghana, you can apply for a new one  or renew your current passport by visiting the Consulate General in your country. You can pay by cashier’s check, certified bank check, or money order. If you are applying for a Ghana passport online, you must also provide the necessary documents.

  • Ghanaian passport applicants must be citizens of Ghana by birth, naturalization, registration, adoption, or any other enactment.
  • Any such claim must be backed up by documentary evidence.
  • For Ghanaians traveling overseas, a Ghanaian passport is the only reliable and internationally acknowledged travel and identification document.
  • A Ghanaian passport, which is only issued to Ghanaian citizens, reflects the applicant’s identity as determined by verifiable evidence of citizenship and supporting documentation.
  • Children under the age of 16 are required to have their own passport.

Ghana passport Renewal requirements

  • A passport-sized photograph
  • Proof of Ghanaian citizenship is required (originals only).
  • Originals only of documents proving your identity, such as a school certificate, driver’s license, and employment/student/other I.D. cards.
  • The cost of processing your previous Ghanaian passport

A passport that has expired has lost its validity, and you cannot travel to Ghana without a valid passport. The passport will be invalid when you return to your country. To renew a Ghana passport, you need to provide a new one. The Embassy will require four photos, a guarantor, and a witness. You must pay an application fee of about EUR 10.55 or more. If you are applying for a second passport, you must submit the original to the Embassy.

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The Embassy requires that you meet the Embassy’s requirements. If you do not have travel documents, you will need to obtain a copy of your current passport. The application form must be completed and signed by at least two Ghanaians. For adults, the form must be accompanied by a witness. Applicants who do not have these documents must get an affidavit from the High Court that states that they are in the country. The affidavit must mention the date and number of your current passport.

To obtain a Ghana passport, you must submit four passport photos and two guarantors or witnesses. The Embassy will not issue a new one if you do not have these documents. The Embassy will confiscate your proxy passport if you do not have it. To obtain a Ghana passport, you must meet certain requirements. Your passport must be valid for your intended trip to the country, and you must provide an attestation letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Accra.

For more information, visit the Ghana embassy in your country. 

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Ghana passport Renewal and Registration

To apply for a Ghana passport, you must complete a form provided to you by the passport office or online. Then, you must fill in all the sections with both your foreign and Ghanaian addresses (if applicable). For a person who is under the age of 18, the parents or guardians should complete the form on their behalf. It is also important to have your right thumbprint imprinted on the application form. You must attach four passport-size photographs to the form as well.

For Ghana passport renewal, you must have at least four passport photos and all other required documents. You also need a witness if you are an alien. The Embassy will not accept a proxy passport if it is in your possession. It is possible to get a new passport in a matter of weeks if you follow the requirements.

For Ghanaian citizens living and residing in Ghana permanently, Visit the official Ghana passport registration and renewal website for more information on how to get started.


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