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Improve yourself, becoming a self role-model with these tips


Most of the times, we looked forward to seeing the best of our role models and taking heed to their steps. Meanwhile , sometimes their kind of living or sources to their finance may not be known .

However, you can be own role model with these tips:

Look inside yourself.

This first step is usually the hardest. It is not easy and it can take much work to be able to face your inner self without being afraid. Often doing so ends up confronting you with the same sense of loneliness, inferiority, despair or whatever other negative emotion you’re trying to deal with. The aim of the game is to grow your self sufficiency through getting to know yourself.

Identify why you feel you need someone to look up to. In many instances, human beings do not like to be alone with themselves and will seek ways to self-distract from this intense solitude.

Build your self-esteem. Not liking to be alone is a coping mechanism that allows you to avoid other underlying issues, such as low self-esteem or a lack of confidence in your own abilities and skills. While not all drives to seek a role model will have this at their heart, the majority probably do and as all of your life will be impacted by low self-esteem, you owe it to yourself to improve your confidence. It’s important to find ways to be a source of inspiration to yourself, so that you don’t keep hoping in vain for someone else to fix your life and to smooth away the challenges––you can do this yourself, and any help will simply be an added benefit, not a necessity.

Get involved.

Go and join hobby groups, other social groups or volunteer societies. Sometimes there are no role models because they just aren’t where you’re looking and sometimes by being a part, you can become a role model for others.

Think about many of the things or creations you admire. Alternatively, consider the things you know little about but may like to learn more. It might be art, music, science, meditation or other insight focused programmes, drama and theatre, poetry, gardening, health etc.

Balance your well being and emotions

When you start to look within, you will start to be able to see your emotions as they come and go. The need for a role model is but one of these same feelings that comes and goes, so you can address the feeling when it arises. The other advantage is seeing the root cause of that feeling, which is a desire for things to be other than They are.

Set your goals

. Goal setting is a very useful tool and activity that gives purpose and meaning. Your goals may vary widely from weight loss, learning how to ski or cook, saving money for a project or making something such as a gift or starting some other creative project. Goal setting is best done by yourself to begin with, before you collaborate with others, as you need to gain experience and flexibility with deadlines and strategies. Doing projects and making goals in partnership with other people (such as going for a run in the morning, doing some paving or garden work, etc.), means you have to rely on others to keep their part of the bargain––and they won’t always. If you have always felt that you had no role model to look up to because you could not rely on others, it is best to practice alone and then collaborate with people to give them the chance to share and to commit to the same goal. This helps both people to gain trust, skills, confidence and experience.

Go on a holiday be it local, within your state or province, or further afield, including overseas. It can help to take your mind out of a depressive loop, spurring change, as well as offering some time for reflection. When you come back, you can make a clean sweep of the old routines and experiences that used to make you feel lonely but that you can now use as a test to overcome.Take care to balance as well as the downside to excessive travel is evident when it becomes a search for something as a way to either avoid the problem or to find some magic solution––if there was an ancient, mystical or magical solution, we would all know about it, having used it for ourselves.

Understand finally why you feel that there is no one to look up to. The toughest question of all is often: are you setting your expectations of life to the impossible? Those dreams we all have when we are young of going on adventures, having a career and life of our own making, “changing the world” or “making a difference” that we can identify and say “I achieved that”.

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