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Labadi Beach: Most Popular Beaches in Ghana


Accra’s most popular beach, Labadi Beach, is located in the town of Labadi. The beach is one of the busiest on the Ghanaian coast, and it is mostly managed by local hotels. It’s near the cities of Teshie and Tema in the Greater Accra Region. Everything from live concerts to beach entertainment is available.

There is an entrance fee which you’ll need to pay to enter Labadi Beach (carry anywhere from 20 cedis to 200 cedis). Though the beach is busy on weekends, it is well worth the money and effort. Despite it being one of Ghana’s most visited beaches, the beach isn’t well equipped, so prepare appropriately. You can, however, get items to purchase at the beach marketplace, such as hats, slippers, towels, bracelets, and beach clothes.

Best time to visit Labadi Beach

A Guide To Accra's Labadi Beach
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The best time to go to the beach is in the evening or early afternoon. The most popular beach in Ghana is Labadi Beach. It is home to the city of La, which is just eight kilometers from Accra. During your vacation in Ghana, make sure to visit Labadi Beach. You may participate in a variety of activities such as horse riding, beach art, amongst others.

If you prefer a more tranquil setting, visit the beach early in the morning before the sunsets. You’ll want to stay away from sellers and reggae music. If you want to relax and enjoy a calm day, the weather is often pleasant. While Labadi Beach isn’t for everyone, it is a famous Accra tourist attraction.

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Activities at Labadi Beach

It’s a terrific spot to meet new people and take advantage of the busy nightlife. Those wishing for a more active evening may join in the excitement by horseback riding on the beach. At the beach, anyone seeking to have a good time can do almost anything. Swimming and sand sculpting are among the activities available. Labadi Beach is a renowned tourist destination in Accra.

Food at Labadi Beach

Stalls offering local cuisine along the seashore. The charcoal-grilled fish and Ghanaian Jollof and fried yam with pork chops are must-tries. It’s a fantastic spot to dine and drink, as well as a fantastic venue to spend a night out. You may smoke on the beach while taking in the scenery of the beautiful tropical plants if you don’t want to consume alcohol.

Accommodation at Labadi Beach

The Labadi Beach Hotel is the primary gateway to Labadi Beach. Entry to the beach costs about GHC50. The upmarket La Palm Royal Beach is one of many superb resorts in the vicinity. Visiting both of these locations can assist you in deciding where to stay. On weekdays, the beach is less busy, so you can have a more relaxing time.

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