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Shatta wale reveal Medikal’s name tattooed on his left arm.


The Ghanaian music industry has the attitude of hate, competition among others a. However, popular Dancehall musician, Shatta wale has shown to the media that there’s also love among themselves.

Medikal ,who also happens to be the best among ghanaian celebrities, currently developed a unique relationship between him and Shatta wale. For instance , they stood strong for each other when they were held behind bars . After their release, made Twenty albums.

Shatta wale said he tattoed Medikal’s name “MDK” on his left arm to show his undying love for him. He continues, this tattoo would be with him even in his grave.

Medikal has been his pillar in the midst of his music career and he would sole return this love to him. He is finally his blood and his soul no matter what happens.

Shatta wale, though he is over active expressed by his fans has got more love for his family and friends..

Shatta also has his son’s name tattoed on his neck. He live live with him though. But his embedded right in his heart.


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