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Shipping Goods to Africa: How to Import goods for cheap


Shipping Goods to Africa

You may be a business person who needs to transport a certain amount of goods from overseas to Africa but don’t know exactly where to begin. There are two types of international shipments you can opt-in for when importing goods to Africa. These are the sea freight and Airfreight shipping. It’s however, always good to go in for the most affordable reliable option for your business. This will help you save money and profit more.

Read more to learn how to use each shipping method to import goods from overseas to Africa. Learn how to import used cars from China, USA, Japan & Canada to Ghana.

Importing Goods from china

Air freight

Shipping goods by air to Africa is extremely easy but very costly. There are various air freight services available to send goods to the African continent. However, the air freight service requires the sender to make the payment upfront while it doesn’t incur any duty on the part of the receiver. In addition to the above, there are numerous issues that one will have to face when shipping by air. If the goods are being transported via air freight forwarding, the delivery will take place within three to seven days.

Sea freight shipping

In the case of sea freight shipping, your items/products will be shipped by sea. However, the time frame is much longer as compared to air freight and will take about a month (30 days) to 45days. This will, however, depend on the weather as well. It is advisable to contact your shipping company or agent about concerns related to your shipment.

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Land freight

On the other hand, the land freight service does incur a very high rate of duty on the part of the receiver who will have to bear the cost of the freight, besides other charges due at the destination.

Shipping and Safety

Importing goods from far destinations to Africa may arrive partially damaged. This will all depend on the shipping company you use. Once the goods are received at the desired destinations, the customer should check the quality of the product to ensure that the items are intact and in good condition. Most of the time, this is handled by the shipping company.

What Documents are Required?

The shipping company is responsible for arranging the necessary paperwork as well as documentation. This is done so that the customs authorities do not find any abnormalities when it comes to the shipment.

When it comes to the documentation that will be required, it will depend on the country you are shipping to. The Shipping Documents will include the names and addresses of the sender and receiver of the consignment. It also includes the date when the goods were received at the destinations. The documentation that is provided by the Africa shipping services is sufficient proof that the consignment has been received.

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The customer can now view the consignment and then decide if he/she wants to proceed further or not. However, there are several things that should be kept in mind when one decides to go ahead with the service.

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How much does it cost to import goods to Africa?

The prices that are charged will differ depending on various factors such as the type of commodity that is being shipped and the quantity. The charge also varies between destinations as different commodities require different charges. The transportation services are very beneficial and convenient especially when it comes to transporting livestock.

The shipping of food products is not covered under the offer. In most countries, it is required that the importation of dairy products that are used for the preparation of milk must be transported specially.

The are other rules and regulations you have to follow in order to ship goods from overseas to Africa. You can check this on the country’s official Ministry of trade website.

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