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How To Improve your baby’s Brain By Watching Television


How To Improve your baby’s Brain By Watching Television

In our previous articles, we talked about so many ways you can improve, enhance, and develop your baby’s brain both after birth and before birth. We made mention how reading is very crucial when it comes to baby brain development. As regular reading can greatly enhance your child’s ability to speak and understand certain things very fast. However, today we are going to be looking at how watching television with your child can improve their brain development.

Improve your baby’s Brain By Watching Television

How does this work? with watching tv, the baby not only sees images and graphics like humans, animals, animated toys…etc. The baby is able to get so much just by watching tv, with a ton of educational shows on tv for kids, your baby can watch other kids speak, talk and walk and learn from that. Your baby can also see animals, cars, and buildings which can aid him/her have a good picture and memory vision.

When your baby watches tv, he or she gets to learn so many things that even though she might not understand everything yet, it will all make sense to her as she grows.

Some of the great shows and tv stations your baby can watch are, Dora the explorer, educational cartoons, the Disney channel, cartoon network, and other great television stations and shows for kids. A show like “Dora the Explorer” can help your baby learn Spanish from an early age, so that whenever he or she starts learning Spanish be it school or at home, they can easily pick up the language quickly due to the fact that your baby has come across certain Spanish words from the show.

Tip: It’s always best to watch tv with your kid or baby to keep an eye on exactly what he or she is being shown to on the television.

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