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Drinking Green Iced Tea For Weight loss


Drinking Green Iced Tea For Weight loss

Green tea is consumed worldwide, with over 158 million Americans alone drinking a cup of green tea on any given day. Even though black tea is more popular and consumed around the world, especially in Africa, Green tea beats black tea when it comes down to the benefits one can gain from drinking the tea.

Green tea contains high anti-oxidants and flavonoids that can improve your metabolic process even while you have your intake of water. For a quick summertime beverage, Get your yourself Green Ice Tea.

How To Prepare Green Iced Tea For Weight Loss

Making green iced tea is simple, First, prepare yourself a hot green tea, pour the hot green tea in a glass and then add some ice. Abstain from including any sweeteners such as sugars and syrups. Doing so can obstruct your overall weight loss and health goal.

Drinking Green Iced Tea For Weight loss

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Green tea is considered as the healthiest drink in the world. I know what you might be thinking ” what about ginseng tea and the rest”, Yes there are several healthy drinks and beverages out there, but green tea stands out amongst all of them due to its many health benefits. Green tea is known for preventing some types of cancers, preventing abnormal tumor growth in the body, and reducing blood pressure with regular intake.

Green tea is also very great in aiding with weight loss, if you want to drop a couple of pounds this summer then green tea is the way to go.

Green tea gained most of its popularity over the years due to its weight loss benefits, Weight loss green tea extract pills sold out massively online. and still sells to this day. The majority of its consumers are mostly female. The tea has been one of the most purchased and recommended teas for weight loss since then.

Many brought in great testimonials on how green tea actually helped them lose weight within 3 months or even less. This made the tea even more popular and it’s now currently known as the number 1 weight loss tea.

Popular Green Tea Brands

Drinking Green Iced Tea For Weight loss

  • Yogi Pure Green Tea
  • Salada Green Tea
  • Twinings Green Tea
  • Nomi Organic Green Tea
  • Dilmah Green Tea
  • Marvel Tea Lemon Green Tea
  • Lipton Green Tea

To take in green tea for weight loss, you can try this ice refreshing recipe:


  • 1 teabag of green tea
  • Ice cubes
  • 1/2 sliced lime or lemon
  • 1/2 Ginger
  • 1 tablespoon of honey (optional)


Boil your water till its heated up, add your cut ginger (its best to crush the ginger before adding it) to the boiling water for a 1 minute or 2, Turn off the fire and pour your hot ginger water into a mug containing your green tea bag, let it sit in for about 3 minutes, take out your tea bag and add your sliced lime or lemon with some ice cubes, and enjoy.


Green Iced Tea can be taken alone or consumed with a healthy meal such as vegetable salads, wheat crackers, matcha cookies, and other healthy snacks and meals. Consuming Green Iced tea with at least 2 boiled eggs, 1/2 avocado and 2 slices of wheat bread should be enough meal for the day if your aim is to lose weight fast by drinking green tea.

Want to lose weight drinking Green Iced Tea? Avoid drinking soda and Replace carbonated drinks and beverages with green iced tea to see a massive improvement.

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