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Best Gyms In Accra Ghana – Top 6 Gyms and Fitness centers


Top 6 gyms in Accra Ghana.

A gym is a membership, structure, or large room, mostly including certain equipment, where men and women head to do physical exercise to get fit.

When it comes to getting a gym in Ghana, It’s a bit hard to find one near you. Ghana, unlike most countries, does not have gyms in most neighborhoods and areas, however, this will all depend on where you are residing in the country.

If you are a foreigner, or perhaps just moved to Accra from another city, and you are in search of a gym, This article is exactly what you need. We’ll be list down the best gyms in Accra, the price of each gym, address, and opening hours.

Top 5 Gyms In Accra Ghana

1.Total Fitness Health Club

  • Hours: Monday-Friday 5:30am-9:00pm;
  • Saturdays 7am-7pm,Sunday from 10am -5pm
  • Cost range 200-400ghc/month
  • Gym essentials: swimming pool, student packages, flexible payment plans

Total fitness health club is a one-stop shop for all your fitness needs, the total fitness Health club at AnC Mall features state of the art facilities with exciting programs to match your needs. Sign up to their cardio kick, body conditioning, jogging fit, body pump, circuit programs.

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Prices range from GH425 cedis per month to GHC2551 for a year.


2. Pulse Fitness Ghana

  • Monday-Friday 5am – 9pm
  • Saturday 7am -4pm; Sunday 10am – 4pm
  • Location: Lizzy Sports Complex
  • Website: Pulse Fitness

Pulse Fitness Ghana is a popular gym in Accra. Their workout includes spinning, an attack, Pilates, Yoga, kickboxing, step aerobics, etc. They have weekly subscriptions which range from 150GHC to 350GHC. Alternatively, you can sign up for a monthly membership at 450ghc or save a few cedis with their 6-month membership fee of GHc1,500.

Walk-in to Pulse fitness and use their collection of facilities for a day at 40GHC or dish out 2,600ghc for a year-long subscription.

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3.Gold’s Gym Ghana

Gold’s Gym Ghana is Located at East Legon. They provide Gym essentials such as 24-hour gym service, Nutritionist; Certified Trainers, Referral Program, and Swimming pool. Gold’s gym aims to help its clients become their best around the clock. A monthly peak package costs 300ghc while a weekend package goes for 200ghc. For 420ghc and Ghc765, one can secure a three month weekend and monthly membership.

4. SEL fitness Club

Monday-Friday 4:30am – 9pm Saturday 7am-4pm Location- Madina

SEL fitness is located at Madina, right next to the old Asanka Local Restaurant. The gym currently has a 5-star rating on google and it is in a great location for residence around Adenta and Madina.

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5. Fitrip Gym Ghana

Fitrip Fitness Community is one of Ghana’s Best Gyms. The Gym has membership and classes which include, spinning, TRX, AB Crusher, Yoga, self-defence, fight aerobics, U bound, HIIT, and Azonto Dance. The Gym is currently located in Ghana’s Capital City Accra. Membership Fees Start from GHS 500 – GHS 4,800

  • Address: 32 Sir Emmanuel Quist Street, Accra
  • Open Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 12 AM
  • Phone: 050 055 5666
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6. Fit and Fine Gym

Fit and Fine Gym aims to help Ghanaians lead a happy and healthy lifestyle, always. You can join the Fit and Fine family and experience a new enjoyable lifestyle change.

  • Phone: 0556 900 036/0555 862 804
  • Address: Dome Pillar 2, K Boat Junction.
  • Website: Fit and Fine Gym

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