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Nyamewaa: A Brief Interview With a Young Ghanaian Social Media Influencer Rocking Motherhood!


Motherhood is beautiful, inspiring, and exhausting. Being a mom isn’t easy at all, It makes you question everything sometimes and other times you feel like you know it all. Most young females desire to have children but the question is, Are they ready for motherhood? The thought of being pregnant alone frightens a lot of females, especially the young ones.

Many Young girls believe getting pregnant or having a child at a young age can make them lose themselves in so many ways; from taking away their freedom to being unable to pursue their dream careers and even worse, putting on excess weight due to hormonal changes during pregnancy.

Being a young mother can be very challenging, from facing several major adjustments to their identity, and being vulnerable to experiencing postpartum stress, depression, and feelings of isolation.


We decided to have a brief interview with a young Ghanaian social media influencer – Khukie, who we believe is making a positive impact on social media by changing how young girls see pregnancy.

What Is it like being a young mother and how has it changed you?

Being a young mother has changed me in so many ways, Apart from the fact that I feel blessed and privileged to have my daughter, I’m now more responsible – I think twice before I take steps now that I have a child.

What is the most challenging part of your day as a mom?

Honestly I barely get enough sleep, I used to sleep a lot, apart from that I just go with the flow – She laughed.

How Did you feel when you found out you were pregnant and was that your first pregnancy?

Yes, that was my first pregnancy. When I found out I was pregnant, I had mixed feelings. Thinking of what society would say and if it was all worth it. You know the kind of country we live in, everyone is just so judgemental.

What did you mean by mixed feelings, Did the thought of abortion ever cross your mind?

I felt sad, happy, scared, surprised, and angry – my feelings were just all over the place both good and bad. And Yes, I did think of abortion but it was only a “thought” if you get me. I never actually planned on going through with it – she said.

How do you balance school and motherhood?

I’m currently in the University studying law, even though I had to take a break from school for some time to focus on taking care of my baby, I obviously plan on continuing my schooling in a couple of months. Law school is hard and being a mom is hard too and now I have to deal with both. I had to make a choice and I chose to take a break from school to focus on my baby for now.

khukie motherhood

What is your advice to young girls in Ghana or anywhere reading this?

“All that I can say is as women, we all have our rights. Only you can decide what’s best for you. Children are a blessing and from my personal experience, I believe my decision to give birth to my child is something I would never regret, I am so glad I decided to! I have also been blessed with amazing friends who supported me throughout my pregnancy. My advice to any young girl reading this will be to follow your heart Yes! sometimes unplanned events do happen but it’s how we handle it that matters. If you should ever find your self pregnant at a young age and you feel healthy enough to have a baby I think you should give it a shot. Why not?” Khukie

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