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How To Implement A Good Weight Loss Plan


Whether it’s training or monitoring your diet, sticking to a plan that is structured is important. It’s probably more important than any other thing you do because then you’re on the path to achieving your fat loss and muscle gain goals if you’re consistent with diet/training. Consistency happens to be the toughest part simply because it’s never easy to go to the gym or eat on plan.

It’s not always easy to start working-out when you are a busy person, so I’ll like to ask a few questions:

  • What do you value? (is it health? mobility? Muscle or strength?)
  • How do you see yourself?
  • What is the most important thing to you? (thinking about the future and goals here)

With anything you want to do or achieve, You need to be consistent. You can have the most perfect weight loss plan, but if you are not consistent and determined, Your won’t achieve your goals in the long run.

How To Be Consistent

Start small, even if it takes changing one behavior at a time. Then, you’d still have 6 new habits you’ve created if you make one solid change every month for the next year and fail with half of it. Also, keep track and monitor your progress.

General Fatigue

This is the power of inertia. It’s easy to let your habitual instincts get the best of you. You might have all the good intentions in the world of going to the fitness center after work, but when you wake up and find out you have other things doing, you tend to push training to the next day and never end up achieving your goals.

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