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8 Best Fat Burning Foods To Eat For Weight Loss


As we all know, there are natural foods that can aid us to lose weight just by consuming them. Below we’ve listed the top 8 Best Fat Burning Foods To Eat For Weight Loss. All these foods can be included as part of your healthy balanced weight loss plan to help you get filled up quickly. Some of the foods listed here can literally help you melt fat while you eat.


Apples are high in fiber and contain lots of water, these fruits are considered the best for anyone trying to lose weight. Try to buy fresh whole fruits as possible and avoid the dry ones. You can include apples as a topping to your whole wheat pudding or oats.


Studies have shown that Ginger roots contain acid that helps stimulate gastric enzymes and also helps to boost our metabolism by 20%-30%. In addition, ginger also lowers cholesterol levels. Try drinking some warm boiled ginger and lime juice in the afternoon each time before taking your next meal.


Avocado has high levels of healthy fats, even though it’s consist of more fat than acid, this makes it the perfect dietary food for weight loss. Eating half an avocado fruit can decrease your chances of getting hungry and make you feel more satisfied which can also aid in belly reduction. Avocados are delicious when consumed alone or you can add them to your salads.


The little tiny red bright cherry tomatoes; Don’t we just love them. Sweet and Delicious, Great for juice, salads, and more. Tomatoes are great to add to your meal so that you can feel satisfied when done eating. Tomatoes are free of fat and are rich in vitamins and antioxidants.


Fiber-rich foods are essential for healthy digestion. They can also aid in slimming down as they are quite filling and low in fat. When we talk of fiber, there are two (2) types. We have Soluble fiber and Insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber: This is a gel-like substance that helps in slowing down digestion. It also promotes the uptake of nutrients and helps lower the absorption of cholesterol. Insoluble Fiber: This is roughage fiber which promotes regularity.


Studies have shown eggs are a great way to start your day. Eggs are high in protein and help you stay full for a longer period compared to other refined breakfasts like doughnuts. They are also very affordable and a great dinner option. Omelets or vegetable sandwiches with had sliced boiled eggs are all great meal plans.


Consuming salmon, tuna, sardines, and mackerel are the best alternatives when you are craving for fatty foods like fish and chips. Try to leave out chips when you are consuming fish because there are so many types of fatty fish out there that can make you put on some weight when topping up your body with Omega 3. Consume fish once or twice a week with salad or healthy sandwiches.

Whole Grains

Cereal, wholemeal pasta and bread are all known nutritional foods. Wholegrain forces your body to work hard when you breakdown, just like protein does.  It can also help burn up twice as many calories compared to its refined counterparts.

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