Home General News Mens read :Essential ways to enjoy your bedtime with your woman.

Mens read :Essential ways to enjoy your bedtime with your woman.


This is to all men ,either married or not, how to treat your woman in bed.

PREPARE HER :Sometimes it is not that she does not want to make love to you but that all you have to do is prepare her with foreplay to get her in the mood.

DO NOT FORCE HER :Do not force yourself on her in the name of demanding for your conjugal rights. Forcing an adult to have sex is rape, whether that adult is your spouse or not

CHECK IF YOU HAVE BEEN HURTING HER EMOTIONS :If you have been hurting or ignoring her emotions, she will struggle to be sexually attracted to you. Women make love with their heart. If her heart is bruised, she will struggle to give you her body

CHECK IF LAST TIME YOU WERE TOO ROUGH ON HER :If last time you were too rough on her leaving her vagina, clitoris or nipples sore; she might be uncomfortable about letting you have her. Learn to be gentle

CHECK IF YOU HAVE UNADDRESSED ISSUES: If there are matters in your marriage that are not being concluded, intimacy will suffer. Stop ignoring the issues. The sooner you solve them the better.

. CHECK IF SHE SUSPECTS YOU OF CHEATING :If she knows of or suspects you are cheating, it will be a barrier between you two. If you have been cheating, stop it and win back her trust. If she suspects but it is not true, allay her fears and make her secure.

CUDDLE HER :Sometimes this means more to her than love making. This goes a long way to show her she is not a sex object. This secures her and in doing so, she will enjoy making love with you

GAUGE HER MENSTRUATION CYCLE :Know your wife’s monthly period cycle. Not every wife lies they are on their periods

FIND OUT IF SOMETHING IS STRESSING HER: Maybe there is something outside of your marriage that is disturbing her, maybe it is work issues, financial issues, her health, the children, her parents, a past trauma. Hear her out and show her that you are on her side

DON’T CHEAT ON HER :Just because she is not in the mood today, doesn’t mean you cheat. She might come around tomorrow depending on how you two treat each other, but if you cheat on her you might lose her for good

BE PATIENT WITH HER:Life is fluid, with ups and downs. Sometimes she may not be in the mood just as you are also sometimes not in the mood. Understand her

PUT HER ABOVE YOUR P3NIS Show her that she is more important to you than sexual pleasure. There is more to marriage than an orgasm. Once you make her a priority, intimacy will be richer

. GENTLY ASK HER WHAT IS WRONG : Don’t assume or get furious that she is denying you sex. Simply ask her if she is OK, she will open up and you two will grow closer

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