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5 minutes read: Lady takes husband to court for reason of low-sèx drive


A lady named Racheal married for 3 months  after one month dating, takes husband to court for low-sèx drive. The man on the other hand works several hours in a day with wife who takes care of home chores.

With so much busy loads of work on the husband, he tries to schedule all of his job . Even spending time with his wife.

At court section, I am happy when I come back from work and see you- Man claims.

Confused wife , with the highest sèx drive says,”” Just seeing me, guess you are into someone else. I need you 24/7 but at least touching me three times a week is enough for me””. She continues, I could get anyone to satisfy me if you don’t have time for me.

Controversial, isn’t it??? Judge sit perplexed unknowing and shocked of what to say to these couples. Meanwhile  for the attribute of love for each other , they should find the keen solution to this.

Share your thoughts to these couples. But before that, Watch this quick video:

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