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What business can I start with little money in Ghana?


Have you actually ever imagined being known as an entrepreneur that is international?

Would you wish to be called a serial entrepreneur? Have you got little money as low as GH₵500 to start out a business? If the answers to the question concerns above are yes, then this informative article is for you.

Many times, the funds required to start a small business in Ghana is far beyond exactly what an average Ghanaian entrepreneur can afford.

Have you actually ever conceived a small business concept so bright that when it starts money will start rolling in, only to begin to see the idea die because there is no money to start the business enterprise that it was only a matter of getting?

These are some continuing business you can begin up with GH₵500 or less in Ghana

That is exactly what 70 per cent of entrepreneurs in Ghana experience on daily basis. Often, the funds available is just not sufficient to start anything reasonable no matter how difficult you’d take to.

Therefore, many individuals find it hard to figure a business out they can start with a little money as low as gh500 and make reasonable revenue or profit.

This article or guide will just take your burdens away as I have taken time and energy to come up with a list of small businesses in Ghana with the best Return on Investment (ROI) which can be started with a little money or fund.

What business can I start with little money in Ghana?

Find below some of the best businesses in Ghana that and upcoming businessman or an entrepreneur can start with little money or funds as low as GH₵500 and making a significant profit right away.

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1.Making Liquid Soap

Certainly one of the most important components in every kitchen is detergent that is liquid soap. It’s needed to clean up dishes and other home utensils. There is no need for GH₵500 to commence this business and also you could make a lot of money any time if you are diligent.

After manufacturing the detergent or the liquid soap, you need a designer that is graphic a digital marketer to boost your new brand name. Fiverr and Upwork and other social media can connect one to both of these at a moderate price.

2.Sell Second-hand shops

We love quality shoes and bags however everybody can afford modern people which means this has generated an enhance that is sharp the second-hand shoe market. Get a nice place you could show your goods such as for instance right in front of department stores and also at a place where people commute daily to the office.

Head to any fairly utilized products market, you might go to the border of Cotonou. Select fairly quality utilized shoes, try to find designs being very fashionable. Sometimes you make a profit of GH₵10 for a sell that is solitary.

3.You can become a Freelance Writer

People feel this might be farfetched since it requires some prowess that is composing. It is not that difficult. Yes, you need to know how to compose, but the brain that is an individual learn anything as long as you determine to do this.

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Where can I invest money to get good returns in Ghana?

Then all which you need is a laptop computer, notepad and internet connection when you have skill on paper currently. You should also consider enrolling as a freelancer on sharkshive.com. Sharks Hive brings that you lot of customers and additionally manage your payment also negotiations making you using the satisfaction to spotlight improving your abilities written down

Within just no time, you may be earning not only in cedis but in dollars, test it today, you probably wouldn’t invest up to GH₵500.

4.You can do office Supplies

They find it difficult to head out towards the market buying some setting things such as timepieces, shirts, ties and perfume even as we all are able to see that there is a lot of people who work in work.

Assist them doing shopping and charge moderately, don’t be greedy like other manufacturers who buy things that are fake GH₵5 Ghana cedi and desire to sell it at GH₵10 cedi in the name of office.

A few of them lie if you’re truthful with your business and fee fairly, you might have huge supply agreement from some of the people you can expect to fulfil at the workplaces which they bought the items from oversea in order to sell it unsatisfactory cost.

GH₵500 shall do good in this kind of small-scale business in Ghana and you are going to be glad during the bricks business you’ll be making.

You need a visual designer and an electronic marketer to boost your brand-new brand name if you’re trying to scale your business at a cheaper price. sharkshive.com will connect you to definitely both of them at a cost that is workable.

5.Open Barbering Salon

That is very business that is lucrative. Look for a shop that is a little cubicle at any major school in Ghana. It is similarly proficient in populated areas but most shops are very costly in the city.

Go into an understanding with a barber, in getting tools and equipment for the store in the event that you can’t do this of yourself and invest GH₵500. You ought to see money each, presuming you charge GH₵5 per cut you will end up making GH₵50 barbering 10 people daily.

After starting the barbering salon, you need a designer that is a visual and electronic marketer to enhance your new brand name. Fiverr will connect you to millions of people around the world who are designers at very cheap price or at your budget.

These are some continuing business you can begin up with GH₵500 or less in Ghana

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